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Jazz Up Your Home Decorating with Mirrors

Jazz Up Your Home Decorating with Mirrors

The use of mirrors is an often overlooked aspect of do-it-yourself home decorating. Professional home decorators will tell you that mirrors have plenty of potentials when it comes to decorating your home. Mirrors can not only help add light to a room by reflecting light, they also help a room look larger than it actually is. Also not be overlooked is the beautiful frames in which many mirrors are encased. These frames can add a distinctive feel to the room, as well as add that special touch to your home decorating project.

When home decorating don’t be timid with the placement of your mirrors. Feel free to experiment and put mirrors for you didn’t previously have anything on the wall. You’ll be amazed how you can open up small entryways by placing a mirror across the entryway so that it is immediately in view upon entering. If you have a small entryway, a medium to large sized mirror can give the impression that your entrance way is much larger than it really is. When home decorating it is important not to neglect your entrance way as this is the first place your home will make an impression on your guest.

Hallways are the perfect place to placed mirrors if you want to enhance the look of your home. By simply staggering mirrors on each side of your hallway, you will give the impression that the hallway is much wider. This little trick will also work for any stairways that you may have in your home. This is especially effective if the stairway is enclosed. Mirrors also give enclosed stairways a less imposing feeling by making them look wider and less cramped.

Hallways can be mirrors in another way. You can seemingly double the length of any hallway by simply placing a medium to the large mirror at the end of the hallway. Mirrors are a very attractive and cost-effective way to add the illusion of more space when you do your home decorating.

Home decorating with mirrors is not all about making an illusion of more space, however. Mirrors can add to the overall look of a room, and be used in the place of art. Wrought iron mirrors can be used as much for decoration as they can for function. Wrought iron mirrors are very popular and are a home in almost any home decorating endeavour. This can be achieved by using a collection of smaller mirrors and placing them above a stationary object in the room such as a sofa or a table. You can also use one large mirror with smaller mirrors on either side. Just how you do your own home decorating is up to you.

If you are short on items to decorate your room, or you happen to have your favourite items which you absolutely adore, you can give the impression that you have more of them by placing them in front of a mirror. This works especially well with candles and helps to enhance the mood and ambience which candles are so famous for. When decorating your home you can also use hinged mirrors and stand them on stationary objects in the rent such as on a table or upon the mantle.

If your home has plenty of antiques it is easy to find mirrors which are complementary to the antiques featured in the room. Gold leaf mirrors are especially nice when accompanied by antiques. Of course, you can also incorporate the use of decorative mirrors which closely resemble the style of the furniture.

When home decorating in an apartment or a condominium sometimes windows can be scarce in a room. This is the perfect place to incorporate mirrors in your home decorating plans. Not only can mirrors create the illusion that there are windows in the rent it can also reflect the light back further lighting the room. Mirrors do not have to be hung on the wall to be effective. They can be put in unexpected places like on bookshelves, the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling to act as a room divider. One thing is for sure mirrors can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient means of decorating your home.

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