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Store Your Books and Add Style To Your Home Decorating

Store Your Books and Add Style To Your Home Decorating

For many of us, reading is a favourite pastime, myself included. There are many people around the world who not only love to read books, but love to collect them as well. They have books all over their homes, in crates in the attic or basement, under coffee tables and end tables, and spilling over onto the floor. While it can be difficult to store such a massive book collection, it can be done, and can also be an attractive addition to your home décor as well. Today, one can find bookcases in almost every style and colour, and it is fairly easy to blend them in with your existing home décor. Store Your Books and Add Style To Your Home Decorating.

It only makes sense to incorporate your book collection into the decorating of your home, even if you are only renting your current dwelling. Having your home decorated with the things that you like will make it a much more relaxing environment for you to spend time in, and if you decide to move, you can easily take your bookshelves with you when you go, as long as they aren’t built-ins. Not to mention the fact that you have likely spent a lot of money purchasing the books in your collection, and you have to make certain that you are protecting that investment, not leaving it lying on the floor, just asking to be damaged.

When you are trying to decide how best to decorate your home, you should take into account your existing furniture, if you plan to keep it, and then incorporate new matching pieces as you are able to afford them. When it comes to adding bookshelves to your décor, you have many different options available to choose from, so it may be confusing to narrow down the ones that you like best. You should think about how much room you have for the bookshelves in your home, how many you need, and your own personal preferences for how you prefer to decorate your home. You will have to decide what style of bookcase will suit your existing home décor the best.

There are many common popular bookcase styles to choose from, include contemporary, mission, barrister, Madison, and craftsman styles, just to name a few of the most popular. Contemporary bookcases are really designed more for style than function, but if you look around, you should be able to find one that works with your home decorating scheme and is capable of storing some of your most prized possessions as well. You can find contemporary bookcases that are constructed of wood, which will mix traditional and contemporary styling into your décor, as well as those with a more modern flair, constructed of metal. The larger bookcases have about five shelves, and of course, the size of the case greatly impacts the price. If your home decorating plan leans towards an open theme, then you would likely want to choose a bookcase that doesn’t have any kind of doors, which is best for a more contemporary feel, but that depends on your own preference.

When we think of bookcases, what usually comes to mind are the mission style bookcases. These bookcases fit in well with a more classic style of home decorating, but depending on the particular type you choose, can fit in well with any style. Mission style bookcases have that old world feel and make you think of a warm inviting room, filled with vivid colours, hardwood flooring, and a romantic fireplace. These bookcases can be quite expensive, but are well worth the money, if they suit your home decorating theme.

Much like mission style bookcases, barrister bookcases fit in well with that classic home decorating style. Most of them look like antiques, something that you would look at and think belongs in the Victorian era, rather than here in the year 2006. Most barrister bookcases have ornate glass doors and are used for storing antiques, as well as books in many homes.

Madison style bookcases work well with almost every home decorating plan, the exception being modern contemporary styling. Most of them are open shelved, with no doors or glass, and usually, have five shelves. Madison style bookcases are fairly plain, so they won’t dominate your room, and detract from other areas that you are trying to pull attention to. They are usually constructed from durable, heavy woods, so keep that in mind when planning your room décor.

Like many of the others we have talked about, craftsman bookcases are mostly built of heavy, darker woods, and fit in more with the classic style of home decorating. They come in varying sizes, and many of them have those heavy glass doors as well. You can even find them with solid wooden doors, to keep everything hidden behind, or the open shelved style as well. These bookcases work well for displaying antiques as well.

As you can see, when it comes to decorating your home and storing your precious books, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Depending on your own style, budget, and space, with a little time spent shopping you can find that perfect set of bookcases to compliment almost any home décor.



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