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Calculate Painting Cost with Paint Calculator For Ceilings

Calculate Painting Cost with Paint Calculator For Ceilings

Calculate Painting Cost with Paint Calculator For Ceilings

How Much Paint Do I Need – Painting Calculator.

There are a thousand shades of paint colour and many paints manufacturer. Before you start painting your walls, the last thing you want to do is run out of paint and then try to find the same colour back on the shelves of your home improvement retailer. Calculate Painting Cost with Paint Calculator For Ceilings.

Deciding how much paint you need for your project is one of an essential aspect of your project and we have provided a quick and easy guide to show you exactly how much paint you need.

Before you start, you will need a tape measure, a calculator (unless you want to do the maths on paper), as well as a pen and a piece of paper.

How Much Paint?

As a general rule, to achieve a one-coat coverage of an interior wall, paint should be applied at a maximum of 400 square feet per gallon. If your walls are rough (like exposed brickwork) or textured (like wood panelling), you should allow for 25-30 square feet per gallon. Further, some bright colours may require 1-3 coats for the colour to really stand out as it should.

Calculate – For Ceilings

Multiply the length of the ceiling by the width.

This will give you the total square foot area of the ceiling.

Length x Width = Total Area

Next, divide the Total Area by 400 (maximum square foot coverage for paint)

As an example, let’s say your total ceiling area was 280 square feet. This number divided by 400 equals 0.7. This means that you will need slightly less than one gallon of paint.

If you think you will need more than one coat of paint on your ceiling, simply double the amount of paint you need. As in the example, you would need 1.4 gallons for two coats of paint on your ceiling.

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